Conference venue

The conference will take place at Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Sant’Agostino campus at: Piazzale S. Agostino 2, Bergamo (Italy).

Piazzale Sant’Agostino is located at the beginning of Città Alta, the historic part of the city (see tourist info).

A wide network of buses covers the entire city and generally all the main places can be reached within half an hour. For more information visit ATB or download ATB app.

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The monumental complex of Sant'Agostino, located on Bergamo Upper Town's slopes, will serve as the host site for DBSec 2018. Since 2001, it is one of the campuses of University of Bergamo and recent restoration works permitted to transform the "ex church" of Sant' Agostino into the University Lecture Hall.

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Bergamo is composed by a medieval center built on top of a hill (“Città Alta” in Italian, which means Upper Town), and a relatively large modern city on the plain below the hill (“Città Bassa”, i.e., Lower Town). The conference venue (Sant’Agostino Campus), is located at the lowest point of Città Alta.

Modern hotels are mostly located in Città Bassa. The most well known ones are Hotel Excelsior San Marco, Best Western Cappello d’Oro and NH Bergamo. The San Marco hotel is slightly nearer to the conference. It is a 10-15 minute walk along a nice uphill road. There are no large modern hotels in Città Alta. On booking platforms you can find some old buildings that were renovated and offer highly rated accommodations, in some cases with full hotel service.

How to reach Bergamo

Airport transportation

Arriving directly to Bergamo by plane is certainly the easiest and probably least expensive solution . The airport is just outside the city. Train is also convenient. Linate and Malpensa airports are unfortunately not well integrated with the transportation system and if one is not willing to use the taxi, it is better to keep some safety margins.


It is the main Ryanair hub in Italy, with flights to most cities served by Ryanair. Other airlines serving Bergamo are mostly low-cost carriers, except for Alitalia (3 flights per day connecting Bergamo with Rome, which are probably inconvenient for those who come to Bergamo from the north) and Air Dolomiti/Lufthansa (1 flight per day connecting Bergamo with Frankfurt). Ryanair presents it as the ‘Milano (Bergamo)’ airport.

From the airport, there are local buses going to the city (line 1, every 20-30 minutes, 2.10 Euro, 10-15 minutes to reach most places in Bergamo). The bus stops 100 meters from the conference location at Sant’Agostino (see Section on reaching the conference location from the Bergamo train station).


It has frequent connections to Rome and to the main hubs of European airlines. To reach Bergamo from Milano Linate there are these options:


It is connected with many cities in Europe and to most of the hubs of European airlines. To reach Bergamo from Milano Malpensa there are these options:


Bergamo railway station:
A ticket for 1 zone is needed, and can be bought at the newsstand in the station. Pick Bus number 1A “Città Alta” right in front of the station and get off at Porta Sant’Agostino, the university building is about 100 meters on the right after the city gate, in the former convent of Sant’Agostino.

Milan railway station:
There are trains almost every hour, at 10 minutes past the hour, from Milano Centrale to Bergamo. The service starts at 6:10am until 10:10pm. The trains take 48m to reach Bergamo (price: 8.30€ first class; 5.50€ second class). The time schedule is available on the Ferrovie dello Stato website (see link below). To reach Sant’Agostino from the Bergamo train station it is possible to walk (30 minutes) or to take a bus (line 1, 5 minutes, runs every 5 minutes, 1.25 Euro, 11.00 Euro for 10 tickets)

Alternatively, there is the “Orio Shuttle” bus every 30 minutes, going from Milano Centrale to Bergamo airport (60 minutes, 10 Euro). Check the indications in How to reach Bergamo by plane.


Pick Bus number 1A “Città Alta” right in front of the station and get off at Porta Sant’Agostino, the university building is about 100 meters on the right after the city gate, in the former convent of Sant’Agostino.


Bergamo is located 50 Km East of Milano. The A4 motorway between Milano and Bergamo has just been renovated, with 4 lanes in each direction, it is rarely congested (whereas the motorways circling around Milan are often congested during the day), and the trip from the eastern outskirts of Milano to Bergamo takes 30 minutes.

Parking is quite difficult in Città Alta (it is metered in every place, with limits on the maximum stay; many roads are closed to non-residents). It is also not very easy in Città Bassa. There are a few parking places where the car can be left; the rates are around 1-2 Euro per hour. Parking in Città Alta between 9am and 7pm costs 2.00€ per hour (you have to buy a ticket using coins from a machine). Motorbikes can park freely in most places.